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Level Up Academy

At TETRA, we believe that providing a holistic and well-balanced experience to our guests begins at the heart of our hotel with our ambassadors. Our Level Up Academy is designed to offer career and personal development opportunities for our employees to not only help them level up in their careers but to provide meaningful personal growth opportunities outside the workplace to support a well-balanced life. With the partnership of our local Foothill community college, our ambassadors are empowered with a new comfort level with English and the skills and resources to apply a second language in their everyday lives.


Level Up Academy is a learning program designed to offer free, onsite career and personal development focused on English Language learning to TETRA and AC Moffett Park Ambassadors. Led by instructors from Foothill Community College, join us in Level Up Academy as we take your comfort level of the English Language and its everyday applications to the next level.

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At TETRA, we know that providing a seamless experience for our clients and guests begins with a strong foundation of support for our team. We demonstrate the level of care that goes into each event by modeling to our team a high standard of care to their careers and lives to ensure the best possible presentation to our guests. When choosing TETRA for your next event, you’re choosing a team of empowered individuals with the resources and opportunities to bring greatness to life.

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What is Level Up Academy?
Level Up Academy is a custom learning program focused on the English Language. It was designed to offer career and personal development opportunities specifically for the ambassadors of TETRA Hotel and AC Moffett Park.

Who are the instructors?
We partner with instructors from Foothill, our local community college, to provide professional instruction to our participants.

Who can participate?
Ambassadors of TETRA Hotel and AC Hotel Moffett Park in the Housekeeping, Culinary and Engineering departments who are interested in improving their comfort level with English. Each program is open to a total of 30 ambassadors.

How long does the program last?
The program lasts 9 months and requires a full program commitment from participants.

How do I apply?
Ambassadors interested in participating in this program should reach out to Kristy Wong at